Thursday, July 29, 2010

Downtown Lunch: Zachary's on Robson

Lunch time for the downtown worker. I can't wait for the street food next week!

Today a few of us went to one of our standbys- Zachary's on Robson.They are really close to our office and I like sit down restaurants. They have a great patio that gets alot of afternoon sun. I also really like Zach's because they have a fresh sheet everyday. This usually includes a soup and sandwich special for $8.50 and a pizza, salad or pasta special for $9.95. My only complaint about the specials is that the Chef seems to have a real liking for the Monte Cristo and Shrimp salad sandwiches and regularly features them. Who eats that?

I am not 100% everyday and neither is Zach's. I would say that I am happy with their food about 90% of the time. The service is always friendly and as we work in the area, we get a 10% discount.

Today I had the Beef Kabobs off the regular menu- $9.95

I took the picture after I took the beef off the skewer. They changed from a couple of sticks to a really dramatic steel skewer that made me want to poke pirate-style at passersby.

I like that they shave their carrots into long, thin strings. I don't know why I like that so much but it makes me happy. They also serve the salad dressing on the side which helps keep the amount of dressing used in the JC amounts. The beef was really well seasoned and the tzatziki was good. The asparagus was a nice surprise but a bit too buttery/oily. The only disappointment was the rice. Their rice tends to be really dry and today it was.

A nice lunch spot, I have never been their for dinner, if it is not really busy. I tend to not eat there at lunch if there is more than 4 tables as that obviously slows service down and I might run longer than my hour lunch. And since the bosses lean towards eating here, being on time is important.

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Updated October 15, 2010

After an extended absence, Courtney and I went back to Zach's for lunch.  I missed it!  The menu had changed a bit but they still offered the fresh sheet that I like.  Today's lunch special was a chicken,mushroom, mozzerella sandwich and cream of mushroom soup.  $8.50

Zachary's 004

I was quite surprised, and impressed, that the sandwich was a piece of grilled chicken with some grilled veggies and pesto as well. Really good. The soup had large pieces of fresh mushrooms and it was thick and flavourful. Such a good value for $8.50!

Courtney had the grilled cheese sandwich with a side salad.

Zachary's 002

I love the shaved carrots. I don't know why I am so facinated with them but they make me happy. She said it was good, nothing super amazing but tasty.

I won't stay away as long next time.

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