Monday, July 19, 2010

cookbooking: Pork Steak and Apples

I am a cookbook fiend. I have about 30 cookbooks and many more magazines and random pages I have printed out from the internet. Sometimes I even cook from them! I got this one from the Library: How to Cook Everything. website The book is giant and really does tell you how to cook everything. I had some pork steaks from Costco in the fridge so I chose Pork Steak and Apples. Apparently a Tuscan recipe.

It tasted fantastic and it was super easy! I found that the flour dredge coating came off in the wine sauce as it cooked. I am not sure if that was because I turned it too often? The apples were so simple and I loved the addition of the garlic. It all took about 10 minutes longer to cook than what was stated in the recipe but so worth it. Simple and good.

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