Friday, July 30, 2010

Portland Bound!

Big M and I are off to Portland for the long weekend! I love Porland. If it were not in America, where I am not allowed to live, I would live in Portland.

Our last trip was on the Easter long weekend. Big M had not been there before but I had been a couple of times with Derby. Turns out that America still closes on holiday weekends so all the shopping was closed- except for Powell's. We did a lot of book shopping on that trip. It was too early in the season for the Saturday Market. So we are going again!

We did do some excellent eating. Portland is a great food town. We stayed at the Ace Hotel, which we love. It is located downtown and about a block from Powell's. They have 2 restaurants in the building, Kenny and Zukes and Clyde Common

We ended up eating lunch and breakfast the next day at Kenny and Zukes. It was that good.

We both ended up having the pastrami sandwich for lunch. I had potato salad and Big M had the fries.

This pastrami sandwich could beat up every other pastrami sandwich you have ever eaten. Again, it was that good. I loved the pickle.

We went back the next morning for breakfast. I had the 2-2-2 and Big M had a benny of some kind with pastrami.


I wish they would have let me order a 1-1-1 because it was super good, but too much. The latkes were amazing. Big M really enjoyed the benny. They have good coffee and quite a healthy line up for a table in the morning.

Clyde Common was amazing. We have no pictures of that meal because they have a healthy fancy cocktail list with fun names of drinks made from booze I don't recognize. The menu is full of words that are too advanced foodie for me to understand, even with all the Top Chef watching we have done. We ordered by protein and then were surprised by the rest of what was on the plate. I may not have understood it, but it was GOOD. The schtick of this restaurant is that they only have the large communal, or common, tables. You could be rubbing shoulders with the Portland elite!

The other awesome experience was Voodoo donuts. Yes, we lined up for 30 minutes on a cold Sunday morning. It was worth every second. I had the Old Dirty Bastard and the Triple Chocolate Penetration. Big M had the Maple Bacon Bar and the Mexican Chocolate donut.

For this trip we are staying at the Jupiter and I am going to be using another food blogger's site as my guide: Under the Table with Jen. See you on Tuesday!

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