Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Verace Pizzeria Napoletana and Enoteca

I am so happy that Vancouver is having a pizzeria explosion. Food on top of dough is almost as good as food wrapped in dough. Verace Pizzeria Napoletana and Enoteca is the newest offering within walking distance of my work, right beside the T&T Market, across from International Village Mall.

Veracerevisit 004

I like the seating options that are offered. It is quite a large place with some booths, tables, a long communal table for large groups and then quite a large outdoor patio area. I know this might be odd, but I really love the floor. When you are there in the daytime, the floor is really shiny with bronze sparkles. The restaurant is very open with the oven in view of the tables so you can watch your pizza being made.

verace 001

I have been for lunch a couple of times already. They offer a great lunch menu where you can get your choice of a Pizzette (8”) with mixed green or Caesar salad, Calzone with mixed green or Caesar salad or a sandwich with mixed green or Caesar salad for $12.50. One price for everything! That makes it easy, especially if you are splitting a bill.

I was there for pizza. On my first visit I went with: DIAVOLA
Pomodoro sauce, spicy genoa salami, capicollo, roasted red onion and peppers topped with grana padano, fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil

verace 002

I am going to start with the salad as it was way better than I was expecting.

verace 004

Look at the giant piece of artichoke and the roasted peppers. I had to ask the waiter what type of dressing they used as it was citrus-y and peppery. Turns out it is just a vinaigrette with really nice olive oil. Huh. I guess that it makes sense that it would be nicer than the [generic store brand] that I buy.

verace 003

This was a perfect sized meal for lunch. They recommend that you eat this style of pizza with a fork and knife as it is a "wet" pizza. The sauce was delicious. The menu also points out that they use local fresh ingredients when possible. Good. I really enjoyed the pizza. It was hot, fresh and really tasty. The pizzas only take about 90seconds to cook in the oven so the food was served really quickly, great for downtown workers with a one hour lunch.

I took Cristina with me for my second visit. We both ordered a pizza. She went with the MARGHERITA- Pomodoro sauce and fior di latte mozzarella topped with grana padano, fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil with the green salad, dressing on the side.

Veracerevisit 001

She liked the pizza and the salad was again full of yummy roasted peppers.

I chose the BIANCA- Fior di latte mozzarella, fresh garlic, fresh basil, sea salt and extra virgin olive oil

Veracerevisit 002

This was a great pizza! Sometimes tomato sauce can be upsetting to my delicate constitution so a nice white pizza is a great addition to a menu. The garlic in this pizza was so tasty. Just the right amount to let me know that I was eating garlic (which I love) but not enough to make my coworkers take a wide berth around my desk.

Both of my visits have been fantastic. The waiter on my first visit, I am sorry I don't remember his name, was so fun. He had flourish and was funny. I like that in a waiter. There are some nice little touches that made the visits really enjoyable. They offered sparkling or regular water. On the first visit they had some leftover dough so the chef made some bread with a veggie spread for everyone who was there. The owner is so friendly and is was happy to answer all my questions.

I have only been for lunch but am really intrigued by the brunch menu as they offer a benny pizza and a fig jelly and goat cheese pizza whose description even makes my mouth water.

All of this added together has made me a huge fan and Verace a restaurant that I will be going to for a long time.

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  1. i totally agree. it is cute, friendly servers, and we sampled a bunch of pizzas - interesting combos, fresh, DELICIOUS, and open late nite. i went at 10 pm after a meeting with The Lads.

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