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Rasoee Indian Kitchen

Most times I choose restaurants to go into based on reputation or recommendations. Some serve food that I like to eat, some I go into because I like the look of them. I went into Rasoee Indian Kitchen on Robson Street because it smells so good! Every time I walk by it is like walking into waves of yummy Indian food smells.

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Turns out, I also like the look of it. Excellent modern decor. The chairs look great, not so awesome to eat in as they are a bit low. The booths and tables to the side of them are perfect height.

rasoee 002

I am a bit behind in posting my downtown lunches so I had a chance to eat here twice. The first time was on my own. They don't offer the best seating options for single diners. There are booth tables that seat 4-6 on the side and then a couple of deuces. No bar seating if you are a lone diner so you have to take up one of these options.

They offer a regular curry option and then a curry wrap option. I decided to go for the Chicken Tikka Curry Wrap: "An exquisitely mild tandoori barbecued chicken with fresh cut vegetables and a sensual side of your choice. Served in a fresh baked Rasoee Naan (Regular or Whole Grain" $7.99. Um, okay. Pretty wording for a curry wrap. I also chose to "combo your curry wrap" for $2.49 with some baked Rasoee fries and a water.- "Crispy oven baked, spiced up (or plain) home style fries"

rasoee 003

The fries were a nice surprise. I enjoyed the spice on them and liked that they were baked instead of fried. The little things...

rasoee 004

I liked the wrap. Everything that you would get on a curry plate in a naan. Hard to go wrong with that. The portion size was nice as well. I often find the curry plate too much rich food but in a wrap size it was just the right amount. Amazingly messy to eat. Good for a sit down but I don't think it would do well as a walking and eating wrap. My sensual side for this wrap was the Raita Dip: "our refreshing probiotic yogurt, mint and cool cucumber". I am not so sure about how sensual it was, I didn't end up jumping the guy/gal at the other table, but it was tasty with the chicken tikka... The chicken was fine and I liked the amount of fresh vegetables in the wrap.

My next trip was with Courtney and the our new girl, Melissa. The tables were full so we loomed over a table of boys until they finished their meal and left. Just in time for our food to arrive.

Courtney went with the 'Chic' Pea Curry $7.69 and samosas $1.79.
"Hello, awaken your senses with roasted cumin and chili pepper. This tender chickpea curry is tres chic, a vegetarian delight! Served with a side of basmati rice."


She felt the curry had just enough spice in it and found it tres enjoyable. The samosas were not greasy and quite crispy.

Melissa went with the Butter Chicken Wrap 7.99 "Our most popular curry with cardamom basmati rice, fresh cut vegetables and sensual side of your choice." I guess they felt that everyone already knows butter chicken so they didn't need to spend time coming up with a more flowery description.


She said it was good. Really messy to eat but it smelled fantastic.

I went for the Be Green Curry $7.49 meat/6.99 veg- $2.49 combo. "An exotic spinach sauce infused with a hint of cinnamon and served with your choice of chicken, beef, or Rasoee's own "fresh pressed cheese" and a side of fragrant basmati rice".


Interesting interpretation of "rice on the side". The bottom side, I guess. This tasted much better than it looked. Again, quite mildly spice which is a plus for me. I think of the bowl or wrap option I would go with the wrap. The bowl was a bit too much food. I got half wrapped up to go.

That was also so I could order the Honey Dots for dessert!


I don't have the description and I know it is based on a traditional Indian dessert. First, I loved that they looked like Muppet eyeballs with that service. They tasted like little cinnamon donuts dipped in a honey sauce aka- awesome.

I enjoyed my meals at Rasoee. They strike me as a Yaletown version of Indian food (even though they are on Robson). To drop a little math: Rasoee is to Indian like Fresh Bowl is to Malaysian. Both are good, but could not be considered authentic. Sometimes, you want a little fancy.

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