Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Knight & Day (Boundary)

Everyone has a food related dirty secret- for some people it is McDonald's fries or eating nacho chips for breakfast.  I have a dirty secret.  Here it goes. I like to go to Knight & Day. Phew. It's out. I blew my snobby-foodie cred, but I needed to come clean.

Photo by Sherman- I forgot to take an outside photo...

I can try to save myself a bit and say it is not because the food is awesome. I have had good meals there, I have had terrible meals there. I will NEVER go for the breakfast buffet again- lesson learned.

I love the experience of Knight & Day: The waitress who will talk to you about drinking beers on her Harley, all day breakfast, the truckers sitting at the counter seats by the kitchen, the craziness that happens in a 24 hour diner, the seniors menu that still offers liver and and chopped veggies, the giant fish tanks with the mutantly large goldfish, the ability to seat a large number of people for a birthday party. It just adds up to awesome.

To celebrate one of our last night in Nobu, Big M and I hit up the Knight & Day one more time.

knight and day 001

Although we went on "all you can eat Lamb Dinner night" (Roast Lamb Dinner ... 14.99 Deliciously tender roast lamb shoulder with Dijon sauce served with rice and vegetable) we both ordered something else.

Big M went with his standby the Classic Clubhouse sandwich- $10.79. "A triple decker with fresh in-house roasted turkey, double smoked bacon, fresh lettuce and tomato." Substitute Yam Fries for another $2.50.

knight and day 005

This sandwich is huge. I didn't think you could get the size of the sandwich without something in there for scale:
knight and day 006

Big M likes the clubhouse, but has his doubts that it is "fresh in-house roasted turkey". He says, "It's still tasty though". I mean, it does have bacon. He loves the yam fries. I am not a yam fan so I can't judge. (blech)

I figured since this was a monumental occasion, I would go for something crazy... the Monte Kristo sandwich- $10.79 "our fresh in-house roasted turkey, ham and Swiss cheese between thick-sliced bread, dipped in egg and grilled golden brown".

knight and day 003

Has anyone actually ever eaten one of these? I have seen them on diner-type menus for years, but never in real life. It was...unique. Like a grilled ham and cheese (and turkey) sandwich served in french toast. A fancy breakfast sandwich that you eat for dinner.

knight and day 004

It was a bit messy to hold because of the eggs, but I liked it. Not something that I will get every day, but a fun, special occasion sandwich.

I did order the sandwich with half fries, half salad. You will notice no salad on the plate. That is because this is their idea of "half salad"!

knight and day 002

I like a thinner fry myself, so the fries were just okay for me. The salad was an iceberg salad. What is there to say about that except for it was big and salad-y.

Was a it a culinary masterpiece come to life? Nope, but it was fun.

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