Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Grounds for Appeal

Grounds for Appeal is the punnily named lunch counter/cafeteria in the Law Society building at 845 Cambie. If you are an office worker in the area you will know that they have the most amazing, homemade Indian food in the area. If you don't work or live in this area, it would be so easy to pass right by thinking they were just another sandwich shop down a low foot traffic street.


There is always a line up here. If you show up for lunch you can expect to see this type of line, although most people get take out and there is plenty of 80s style seating.


They offer sandwiches and salads that are ready at the counter that you can have grilled along with pastries and coffee drinks.


The gold is the Indian menu. They have 6 curries daily on a rotating basis. The Indian menu is written on a white board near the counter.


They are known for their butter chicken. Adele and Courtney both got the butter chicken this day. All of their items come with rice and naan.


Here is Adele's feelings about the butter chicken:


I like it because it is really rich and creamy, not overly tomatoed. A nice amount of spice is in there as well. There is always plenty of chicken that is not overly cooked. The naan is always fresh as the sheer number of orders they go through prevents anything from sitting around too long. The rice has nice flavour and is not greasy.
The angry lions that live in my stomach often prevent me from eating butter chicken, so I went with one of my favorites- Vegetable Korma.


I love this curry. So creamy and stuffed full of goodness.


I am sure their sandwiches are good as well, I have meant to try one for a long time, but every time I go in and smell the curry I have to have it. Courtney swears they make the best Nanaimo bar in town.

I am going to go out on a limb here and say this place is a must for downtown workers. The food is fresh and the service is quick and efficient, if not overly friendly. It is off the beaten track, but well worth the trip.

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PS. Megan, it was nice to see you on Saturday. It's been too long. Lurker.

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