Friday, March 11, 2011

Sushi Maro

I am going through a sushi craving phase. Huge cravings for sashimi. This has lead me to try put some new lunch time sushi joints. Sushi Maro has an excellent Yaletown location right across from the Yaletown/Roundhouse skytrain station.

maro 003

The restaurant is small to mediums in size. Table seating for about 30 and very limited bar seating for 3. I like the bar seating because you get to watch the chefs prepare the sushi. Dinner and a show.

maro 001

The waitstaff are very friendly. On my first visit I had my ipod in my coat pocket on the back of my chair. The waitress saw this and suggested that I move it because it could easily be stolen from my jacket. She was quick to point out that they do not have a problem with crime in the restaurant, just that she heard that it has happened in the area. Thanks! I found them very attentive during the meal as well, filling the tea frequently and clearing plates when they were done.

I normally go with a combo or lunch special when I am at a sushi place. I like that someone else has put thought into what goes well together and how large the portion should be; same reason I like set menus at restaurants.

On the first visit I went with a Bento box combo:
Lunch Bento C $10.50
Crispy chicken served with sashimi, California roll, salad, rice, miso soup

maro 002

$10.50 seems to me to have some Yaletown pricing in it but I was very happy with all of the food. I loved the sashimi- it was cut in a fan shape rather than just a square slab. It didn't taste any better but really added to the visual appeal of the fish. The California rolls had the perfect amount of mayo in the crab and you just can't go wrong with deep fried chicken on rice. The salad dressing was nice but, as most of these type of salads are, just chunks of iceberg lettuce.

On my next visit I decided to try one of their Chef's Special rolls and some gyoza. They have some very interesting rolls on this section of the menu. I almost went with the Sunshine Roll $5.95- Crab, mango, avocado wrapped with soy sheet but I went with the Rainbow Roll- $7.95 California Roll wrapped with assorted seafood.

maro 005

It was lovely. The seafood was really fresh. One was something that I have never had before (and I don't know what it was) so that was an adventure!

I can't pass up an opportunity for food wrapped in dough so I ordered the gyoza- $4.95

maro 006

They were nice and warm with the right amount of browning. Hooray!

I have already been back here twice and I know that I will be back again. They offer some outside seating that will be nice when the sun decides to come back out. Take out on the seawall would be nice too...

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