Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cafe Deux Soleil

I lived down the street from Cafe Deux Soleil for 10 years. For seven of those years I was a vegan. I have eaten more tofu scramble than I could possibly put a number to. (Note to current vegans: I don't know if the tofu scramble is completely vegan. You should ask, I never did and just assumed it was. Back then the breakfast options were severely limited.) Cafe Deux Soleil has been on the Drive forever, or at least since I started hanging around in the late 90s.

cafedusoliel 006

They are known for a few things: vegetarian food, a kid friendly dining room and their stage where you can find poetry and music nights. It is quite a large room with an assortment of seating and small patio with bar seating in the summer. They have large communal type tables for large groups, which I like. The menu is written on the wall.

cafedusoliel 002

Order at the counter, grab all your cutlery and jams from a station at the side, hopefully find a seat, and the kitchen staff will yell out your name when you breakfast is ready.  I am always a bit saddened that most people use their real names instead of names like "Arthur Fonzarelli".  Maybe it is too early in the morning...

On this day, I ordered my current favorite- The Croissant Scram. Cheddar, flat scrambled eggs on fresh baked croissant with hash. $6.50

cafedusoliel 005

The server who took my order had to check and see if the croissants were baked yet when I ordered. It was fresh and flaky. This is my favorite way to eat eggs. I like my eggs mixed and well cooked. (this is a hold-over from the vegan days. Eggs still weird me out.) There was a nice amount of cheddar in the middle of the eggs, like an omelet. I have always been a big fan of the hash browns. Cooked potatoes that are then fried as hash browns should be. I love the really, really crisp ones.

I also would recommend trying a house baked muffin or a smoothie. Both are excellent options.

Cafe Deux Soleil is not a fancy brunch spot, although I have taken my Mom here. The music is generally loud, the children are louder and it gets really busy. That is what makes it awesome.

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  1. You have attached this blog to the wrong Commercial Drive cafe on Urbanspoon (Du Soleil, instead of Deux Soleils)

  2. Good catch! Updated. Thank you.