Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sake Maki

I have resisted going into Sake Maki  but not because of anything Sake Maki has done (I have heard good things about them) but because I really like the restaurant that used to be in that space.  They had an awesome peanut satay soup that I will never have again...  However, I put that aside and stopped in to fulfill a sushi craving on my way to the Trout Lake Farmer's Market a few weeks ago. 

Sushi Maki 009
Sake Maki is very blue on the inside. They have quite a few tables for two and just a few tables for four. I guess they could move some of the twos together if they get more larger groups. I was lucky enough to get a seat right in one of the windows.

Sushi Maki 008

I will always order gyoza (food wrapped in dough!) for my first visit to any place that offers it. If they mess up gyoza, they are done for me. Happily, I enjoyed the gyoza I ordered.

Pork Gyoza $4.95
Sushi Maki 006

The presentation was nice with the gyoza set on the plate so they weren't touching. This way the wrappers didn't stick together and rip. The filling tasted like it was freshly prepared. The crisping of the outside was done well. Gyoza sauce is one of my favorite things and theirs was tangy and a bit spicy. I liked it.

I decided to go with something that I have never ordered before for lunch. I wasn't feeling like a roll, even though their menu has some really interesting house rolls, so I went with:

Chirashi Don (assorted sashimi) $10.95

Sushi Maki 005

Well. This is just sashimi on rice! The only other donburi I have ordered has been Oyako Don (Chicken, egg, onion vermicelli) so I expected something like that. If I had ordered assorted sashimi and a side of rice it would have cost $10.00. Huh.  But all of that aside, it was a nice bowl of sashimi. Both of the fishes had a really nice texture and temperature. A+ for the presentation as well, it looked really nice.

Saki Maki was head and shoulders about my other sushi adventure on the Drive. I would like to go back again and try some of the house special rolls. Maybe I will convince Big M to go with me next time so we can order some assortments.

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  1. That's what Chirashi Don is. Except around these parts it's usually in a bowl.