Thursday, July 14, 2011

Legendary Noodle

I know that I have previously mentioned my love of street festivals.  Walking down the middle of streets that are normally teeming with traffic gives me no end of joy.  Italian Days on the Drive was beautiful and sunny;  car free days were not.  It was so cold!  I walked right past the Commercial Drive car free days (how many booths of sarongs does one place need? In my opinion, nine is too many.) and on to Main St.  By the time I walked up the street I was so cold that I felt it was a perfect opportunity to partake in my second favorite thing, dumpling.  Legendary Noodle House was calling my name.

Legendary Noodle 007

Since the loss of my beloved Sha Lin Noodles (which seems to be on the brink of reopening- hooray!) I have been adrift in my need for dumplings. I have been to Legendary Noodle House on a couple of previous occasions and have enjoyed their version of the in house noodles. They are quite a small restaurant but feature a big window to see the noodles being made. Most of the seating is booth seating for groups but I was lucky enough to get the one window seat for two.

Legendary Noodle 002

I was torn about how much food to get as I wanted soup noodles and dumplings. That is usually a large amount of food for one person and I was going to be walking around for a while after lunch I didn't want to be carrying leftovers. Then I found this item:
"Noodles in Beef Broth w/5pcs Pork Cabbage Dumplings w/Spinach, (Wonton)".  Perfect! Like they read my mind.

While I waited for my soup, I watched the "action" on the street.

Legendary Noodle 005
Cold! Congrats to the brave folks who made it out to the fall like festival.

They also give you a pot of tea so I was warmed up quite nicely.
Legendary Noodle 004

The soup was really good. I ordered the thin noodles which I knew would be long and difficult to eat but luckily they were not sticky so it wasn't so bad. The dumplings were delicious. They have a really nice blend of pork and spices. The broth had an interesting spice to it. If I had to guess I would say it was a Chinese five spice as there was a nutmeggy hint to the broth. Very enjoyable. The serving size was perfect with the amount of noodles and dumplings. Just what I needed.

Before I left I thought should use the facilities since I drank a pot of tea and a bowl of soup. Um, a bit scary. It is a small place so you need to walk through the kitchen (past a cutting board that had a GIANT clever on it) to the, shall we say, older bathroom. There was an old sign posted to the door:

Legendary Noodle 006

Hm. It was clean, but old. It would not stop me from going back though as my food was delicious.

Legendary Noodle House 飛天拉麵 on Urbanspoon

What will stop me is that the restaurant seems to be closed! What? I went back to add the Urbanspoon tag and they now indicate this location is closed. I really hope Sha Lin is reopening soon as I need dumplings! I seem to doom every place that has dumplings I love. I hope that is not my superpower....


  1. I found your blog while searching for info about the status of Sha Lin. Your blog has the first bit of news I could find that says they are actually working on the space to reopen. Looking forward to making the trek up from Seattle when they do! Keep us posted.

  2. OHMYGOODNESS! I just called Sha lin and they are opening this Saturday, July 23! WOOOOO!

  3. YAY! Thank you so much for calling them and posting the update. And, novel idea - picking up the phone! :D