Thursday, May 5, 2011

Britannia Sushi

One of the things that I love about Vancouver is our rush to the patio whenever there is even a suggestion of sun. Even if it is not warm. Just turn on the patio heater and bring on the sangria!

It was one of those days that brought me to Britannia Sushi on Commercial Drive. Britannia is the closest sushi place from my house when I head south on Commercial. They do have a patio but I really don't enjoy eating my food outside when the weather is below 20. I know, strange for a Vancouverite.

Brittiana Sushi 009

To start with, this place is not much to look at. The seating is all booth seating and there is plenty of it, but zero on the atmosphere.  Not necessarily a bad sign for the food, though.

Brittiana Sushi 007

Before I get into the food, I would like to discuss the service and another thing that I learned about myself and eating in restaurants:

I do not like it when my waitress wears flip flops.

I am not eating at a beach, it is not one million degrees outside- wear some shoes! The combination of her bare feet and my raw fish was really off-putting. The fact that she was shockingly indifferent with her service did not help the matter. Who works in a restaurant? Is this frowned upon/against the rules? It could be my over-reaction but it seems that flip flops in a kitchen would be really dangerous with boiling water and knives being around. -50 points for service. I am sure that the service had a great effect on how I felt about my meal.

I went with a "Sashimi Chicken Teriyaki Box- Chicken Teriyaki, Rice, Tempura, 2pcs Tuna, 2pcs Salmon, California Roll (6pcs) $9.95"

Brittiana Sushi 003

I was happy with the sashimi. It was fresh and a nice size. The teriyaki chicken was also good. Nice and crispy. Neither seemed to have been sitting around, which is good. The tempura were not so good. It was really oily.

Brittiana Sushi 006

I am not a sushi expert, but I was surprised that it was just a chunk of "crab" rather than the usual shredded meat and mayo mixture. I liked it. The rolls were a bit loose which made them hard to eat, but not unpleasant.

Brittiana Sushi 004

The waitress never came back to the table. It wasn't busy. I even paid someone different at the counter.

Even thought the food was fine, I don't think I will be going back there due to the service. I did not check out the bathroom because if the flip-flop wearing, indifferent waitress is in charge of cleaning....

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