Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Finch's Tea & Coffee House

Finch's Tea & Coffee House was a total surprise to me. I used to work a couple of blocks from the restaurant but would pass right by thinking it was just a coffee/bakeshop that was underneath a weird hostel. It wasn't until I was eavesdropping on a Twitter conversation (eavesreading?) between @YVRBcbudz and @foodologyca where Sean included a picture of his recent sandwich adventures that I took notice. She didn't end up going to Finch's that day, but I am so glad that I did.

finch's 006

The feeling that I get from the inside of the restaurant is like a quaint, French, country cafe with the mismatched furniture and exposed plaster work. There are tables in the window to enjoy your sandwich in the sun or a few tables on the floor that have always been used as communal tables when I have been there. They have also been full every time I have been there, even with my earlier lunch time. I hear they serve a mean breakfast as well.

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The menu is written on chalk boards in gold frames on the back wall.

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They offer a wide selection of vegetarian and carnivore sandwiches. I liked that the veggie offerings were more than just a vegetable sandwich. There were really creative offerings like Brie, Grape and Roasted Walnut or a Cheddar and Onion sandwich. They also offer some salad versions and a soup, salad and baguette combo.

On my first visit I decided to go with the "Gypsy Salami- lettuce, tomato, pesto-mayo" $7.75.

finch's 005

Now that is what I am talking about! Look at the amount of salami in that sandwich! The baguette was so warm and fresh. Crunch on the outside and so soft in the middle. There was so much awesome in this sandwich that it was a bit hard to eat as the meat kept sliding out. That is a problem I can happily deal with. They used a perfect amount of pesto to compliment, but not overwhelm, the fillings.

The greatness of this sandwich, which is served on a piece of butcher's paper, made me regret every time I walked passed without eating a sandwich.

My next trip was on Meatless Monday, so I ordered a "Baked Brie and Olive" for $7.25.

finch2 002

I was so happy that they were green olives. The salty olives along with the creamy, warm brie was a really nice combination. It was a simple sandwich, just cheese and olives, and really worked for me. I love olives and was happy to have them as the main ingredient.

Another charming feature is the water options.  You have your choice of cucumber or lemon water.  That is a nice touch.
I decided to give myself a treat and order a cookie as well. I was thinking about the chocolate chip until it was pointed out that I could get a chocolate chip, raisin, oatmeal cookies. Healthy.  Even better.

finch2 001

I was so excited about the cookie that I started into it before I remembered to take a picture. It was soft in the middle and packed with raisins and chips. Yum.

I have decided that Finch's will be my new obsession for the summer and will continue to go back until I try every sandwich. Everyone needs a hobby.

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  1. I'm glad you found sandwich heaven Heather!,man that olive and brie baguette!