Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Prophouse Cafe

I ride my bike past The Prophouse Cafe almost every day. They have one of the more interesting concepts for a restaurant in the area. From what I can tell, they originally opened the store as a movie rental/vintage shop and then they decided to add a cafe/coffee shop to that list.


I think the best word to describe this place is eclectic.

Some shots of the seating area:


Upon entry there is a counter with some pastries, quiches etc. Go up the stairs and they have divided the seating into 2 sections with mismatches tables and chairs. Each area has a type or feeling to it. You can sit at the ice cream shop type table or the bistro style table. They have them all! I love lamps. This place was light a lighting nirvana. They also have music there on a stage area in the back on occasion. I am not sure where to find a listing for the events here as they don't have a website.

The menu seems to be what is in the pastry case for the day and then a chalk board of sandwiches/soups. They also offer coffee and tea drinks.

The coffee fixings bar may be the fanciest one I have ever used.


I realize that this place is "wacky" and everything is mismatched and crazy and wild, but don't serve me coffee in a chipped cup.


Unless this cup belonged to the owner's beloved great-grandmother who drank out of it every day until she died, don't use it. And if it is sentimental, put it on a shelf. I had her pour the coffee into another cup as this one was chipped on all sides. I hope they threw it out. Value Village is just down the street to pick up more mismatched mugs.

It is funny the things that bug us.  The americano itself was really good.

So, the food. I went with a vegetarian quiche that comes with crudites and your choice of tzatziki or hummus.


To start with the good, the filling of the quiche was excellent. It was light and had a nice amount of goat cheese. I really liked the crudites and hummus as a side. It was the perfect amount of food and I liked the way they made the hummus.

The crust on the quiche was not as good. It was not flaky and fresh.  The don't have a "kitchen" in the cafe, just a prep area and I would imagine a microwave. I ended up eating the filling and leaving the crust which was a shame because I love dough.

The servers were really helpful with the menu and seemed to be having a good time at work. The crazy decor made you feel like you were having lunch in your crazy (but clean) Aunt's basement. It is one of the closer cafes to me so I will be back to check out the other items.

Maybe I will bring my own mug, just in case.

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