Thursday, April 28, 2011

La Brasserie Street

La Brasserie Street is a new street food cart, sort of. Kimono Koi Crepes has closed their lovely pink cart and reinvented themselves in a collaboration with Davie Street restaurant, La Brasserie.

They have a simple, and awesome concept. A good sandwich.

labrasserie 002

In fact, that is all they offer. One sandwich and an assortment of drinks. For $6.25 you get The Brass Sandwich: "Beer brined rotisserie chicken in gravy, on a buttermilk bun, topped with crispy onions." For $7.15 you can get a drink combo.

labrasserie 003

Everything about this sandwich is right. The chicken was moist and so tasty. Look at the huge chunks of meat! Crispy onions were the perfect topping and I love anyone who serves me gravy.

Thanks to their excellent use of Twitter and Facebook, I had been eagerly anticipating this cart. I went on the first day about 11:45 and was already customer 11. They frequently sell out as they are that awesome.

labrasserie 001

Who wouldn't buy a sandwich from these guys? I like the idea of a restaurant cart.  I don't know that I would have gone to La Brasserie as I don't get to Davie that often but I am certainly going to go now.  If this is the level of food they serve from a street cart, I am excited to see what the restaurant will offer.

I am so excited that this cart, at the corner of Georgia and Granville, is going to be the closest cart to me when our office moves. I anticipate many La Brasserie Street sandwich/Kaboom Box poutine lunches. Street combo of awesome.

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  1. Your chicken pieces are HUGE looking! When I had mine, it was so hard to take a picture because you could hardly see the meat.

    Perhaps they have changed up the serving of meat.

  2. I wondered that when I saw your picture. I did go on the first day and then they kept tweeting that they had run out of sandwiches.... I am going to have to go back this week to see what they are like now. The sacrifices we make as bloggers. ; )