Monday, April 11, 2011

Volcano Sushi

A recent self discovery about my restaurant habits is that I am attracted to fonts. I judge a restaurant by it's awning much like I judge books by their covers. I have subconsciously judged people who use papyrus as their main font. This could the be the reason that I have wanted to go to Volcano Sushi and Grill since we moved into the hood. I love their sign. The image it portrays to me is bad-ass sushi.

Volcano Sushi2 001

The inside of the restaurant was fine. It is in the corner of the building and there are windows all around so it was nice and bright. There is booth seating on the window side, booth and bench combo on the other side with some four tops and deuces in the middle. I liked that the big TV was not blaring sports. They muted it and had some nice music playing.  A bonus, the bathrooms were spotless.

Volcano Sushi 008

It was a lunch time when I was there and I have never seen so many construction workers at a sushi restaurant at one time. For some reason it really pleased me to see these big, muscled guys eating with chop sticks.

The menu has a wide selection. I tend to get intimidated by large sushi menus and go with a preset combo. Today I decided to power through and order a couple of rolls myself. Mainly because I wanted one of the chef rolls completely due to the name, the Pink Lady roll. Does it come with a jacket? The pink ladies pledge to act cool, to look cool and to be cool. Till death do us part. Think pink! I hope it is served by Danny Zuko.

Volcano Sushi 005

It wasn't served by a T-Bird, but it was a great presentation! I loved the long skinny plate. The menu describes the roll as "Prawn Tempura, Cucumber, Avocado w/Salmon on top". I appreciate when the description tells me if masago is involved, but sometimes you have to roll with the punches. I really enjoyed this roll. The spicy sauce on top was a really nice compliment to the roll. The tempura was still crispy when it was served. The salmon on top seemed a bit cooked and I couldn't tell if that was because of the sauce on top or if it was a bit cooked before being served.

Volcano Sushi 006

The other roll I chose was a pumpkin tempura roll.

Volcano Sushi 003

I loved this roll. I have never seen a pumpkin roll before. The pumpkin was really tasty and again the tempura was nice and crispy. It was a nice alternative to a yam roll.

Volcano Sushi 007

I also ordered a miso soup, which I normally don't take pictures of, but I took a picture of this one because it was really good. The broth was fragrant and seemed to have more flavour than some of the other misos I have been enjoying lately.

Volcano Sushi 002

Big M and I went again to Volcano for dinner on another night and ordered one of the boat specials. I forgot my camera but we will have to go back because the boat was HUGE. It had masts and a sail. Fun.

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  1. Amazing, it looks very good. Now I am hungry thanks to you, let's grab some sushis!!

  2. You mind posting the menu for this? thanks!