Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Edge Cafe

Time for another lunch date with the lovely Stoli Von Stingray- hooray for me! She always meets me downtown so, to be fair, it was time to cross the bridge to the Cambie area. Since it was her hood, she had to choose the restaurant. She chose The Edge Cafe on Yukon and 7th. Great! I like to eat lunch on the Edge(ba da bum). I bet they have never heard that joke.

the edge cafe 001

This area is terrible for parking so I was super pleased when I got a rock star parking spot just across the street. Perfect.

The cafe seemed to be broken up into two sections. There was a long bar along the window on one side and table seating for about 20 or so on the other side. We were seated by a really friendly waiter. He was great.

I really enjoy The Edge Cafe's website. They update their fresh sheet on a daily basis as well as offer a printable menu. Good use of the media.

As I had checked out the website I was prepared with my order. I have a fairly strict time frame so anything that helps with time is appreciated. I chose to go with one of their Italian Paninis- salami and cheese. The soup was a chorizo, beer, cheddar.

the edge cafe 004

My favorite was the soup, it was so tasty. I was surprised that it was not chunky. I expected to have chunks of chorizo in the soup but it was all blended in. I found that you could really taste the chorizo and beer flavours.

Ms. Stingray went with a vegetarian sandwich and lentil soup.

the edge cafe 003

She really enjoyed the soup as well. Stoli loves a baguette and this one did not disappoint her.

I am not a big fan of sprigs of things on the plate. I am not going to eat it so it is just wasteful. I am, however, a big fan of potato chips.

the edge cafe 007

One of my JC deals with myself is that I am allowed to have potato chips as long as they are not at my house and someone else buys them. Thanks Edge- bonus points for chips.

It was a nice meal with excellent company. The service was really friendly and quite fast. The butter chicken that the woman next to me had looked amazing as well. Worth the trip across the bridge- it will be a great choice in bike weather.

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  1. no real comments about the taste of the foods??

  2. Good point Anonymous! I was a bit late in posting this and I didn't have an exact description of the sandwiches so I glossed over that. I really liked my sandwich. I love salami and the bread was crispy but not hard to eat. I hate when a crispy sandwich cuts the top of my mouth. The veggie sandwich looked fantastic with really fresh and plentiful ingredients, especially the cheese.

    As mentioned, I loved the soup. It was thick and creamy and quite spicy with the chorizo. I guess the best description would be tangy.

    The portion size was perfect for a lunch although I only ate half my sandwich.