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Tossed on Hornby and Robson is one of the recent restaurant/fast food joints that have opened up around downtown like Chopped Leaf or Freshii. I don't have any problems with that! I really like the concept of these restaurants: fresh, fast, healthy and customizable. Tossed also offers online ordering so to make your lunch go that much faster.

tossed 008

The inside is fairly large with different types of seating for singles, duos and groups. The decor is modern styled with the classic "green and wood means fresh and natural" color scheme.

tossed 003

You can pre-order on the website (which I think gives you a 10% discount), or order off the menu boards that are by the door.

On my first visit I decided to go with one of the combos, Tossed 2, which offers half a panini and a small soup for $7.95. The restaurant is geared towards take-out as they didn't ask if I was eating in, and it came packaged to go:

tossed 004

Inside the bag, I went for a roast beef panini (Roast beef, roasted peppers and baby arugula with thousand island dressing) and a mushroom bisque.

tossed 006

I am going to admit, this meal surprised me. It was a lot better than I had expected it to be. The sandwich bread was really fresh and nicely toasted. The roast beef was moist and well seasoned, without being really salty. The thousand island dressing worked really well.

The soup was the biggest surprise of the meal. As Tossed is a chain, I expected more of a prefab type of soup. I don't know how much was fresh made on site, but it was full of mushrooms and really flavourful and rich.

tossed 007

One of the better soups that I have had at this type of place.

I went for something different on my second visit. They offer a crepe sandwich variation: "Crepe Wrap freshly made whole wheat, fat free crepes. Served with chips." $7.95 for $2.95 more you can add on a small soup.

tossed2 001

I have been to so many specialty sandwich shops lately with their fancy homemade sides, that I was not expecting to be handed a bag of Old Dutch. Not that I would pass up an opportunity to eat potato chips, I was just surprised.

The crepe sandwich I chose was the "Chicken and Goat Cheese Crepe Wrap- Roasted chicken, smoked bacon, goat cheese and baby arugula with kalamata olive vinaigrette"

tossed2 003

The sandwich maker did such a good job at rolling this, it was perfectly round. I know that doesn't impact the taste, but it looked good. It tasted good, too. Chicken and goat cheese is a classic combination and hard to do wrong. The kalamata olive vinaigrette was a really nice addition to the flavor. And of course bacon=awesome. It is a mathematical fact.

The "Wicked Thai Chicken Soup" was a winner as well.

tossed2 002

It had a nice spice level to it and tasted really fresh and home made. There was a rice in it for filler that I could have done without. They sure do get the soup flavours right, though.

Very enjoyable lunches at a good price. I will admit that I wasn't expecting that much from a chain place, but I was happily surprised. I like when that happens.

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