Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thierry Patisserie

Sometimes I like to treat myself to something a little bit fancy. It was on one of those days that I ended up at Thierry Patisserie. If you are a fan of pastry and chocolates, you have probably heard of Chef Thierry. He was the pastry chef at Cin Cin and west and the opening of his cafe on Alberni and Thurlow was highly anticipated by pastry lovers, of which I am one. It took me a while to get there, but the anticipation did make the occasion special.


The inside is lovely. There is a giant pastry counter along the back and side walls that offer plated desserts, macarons, chocolates and sandwiches, among other things. The menu also boasts some boozy hot chocolate that I would like to try sometime when it is not my lunch hour. There is some cafe seating for about 15-20 on the inside and a lovely deck on the outside that would sit about 10-15 more.


This may be odd, but my favorite part of the decor was the roof and the lights.


It took all the strength I had not to order 4 desserts for lunch but I managed to order myself a sandwich.

Salami with aged cheddar and watercress pesto.

Of course this sandwich was served on a fresh made, and delicious baguette. It was so tasty. I love a salami sandwich and dislike when they get stingy with the meat, but that was not a problem here. Perfect meat to bun ratio. The watercress pesto was something that I had never tried and I liked the flavour. It added a bright, tangyness to the sandwich and didn't overwhelm the taste like some pestos can. The amount of the aged cheddar on the sandwich was nice as well, I love white cheddar.

As this lunch was a treat, I tried one of the famous macarons. This one was the special of the day, apple spice.


Crunchy top with a gooey inside, it was the perfect texture. There was even a chunk of apple in the filling. Sigh.

This meal cost around $12.00, which I feel is a bit on the high side for a sandwich with no sides and a cookie but this is a really good sandwich and an even better cookie. All worth it in my book.

Here is a date idea for all you winter daters out there: go for a skate at Robson Square and then over to Thierry for some boozy hot chocolate and pastries afterwards. And then send me an invite to the wedding because this idea is a guaranteed winner and I am a sucker for love.

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  1. Great post. When can we meet there? Not for a date, date, obviously.