Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tweets Cafe

Choosing the right restaurant for birthday brunch can be hard, but this year the choice was easy- I wanted to go to Tweets Café in Edison, WA.  Don't know where that is? Take a right on Chuckanut Drive just outside of Bellingham and you come to the idyllic town of Edison. The main street has two bakeries, two pubs, a brilliant craft store The Lucky Dumpster, some art galleries and our destination, Tweets Café (to my delight, just off of Gilmore Ave).

Our discovery of Tweets was almost an accident. Sarah and I were coming home from trip to Seattle and decided to take the scenic route along Chuckanut Drive. We were in a little candy hut in Bow when the owner told us that we should go to Edison for the best lunch we have ever had. While we didn't take her up on the suggestion on that trip, we did make a note of it and on our trip to the Tulip Festival (we are wild and crazy, I know) we made the trek to Tweets.

Tweets is a fresh, farm to table restaurant. While waiting for your food you can read a picture book about the chickens they own and how they harvest their food. The interior is an eclectic and charming mix of mismatched tables and chairs and funky décor.

There is a big garage door that leads to outside seating in the front:

And another patio to the side of the restaurant that is beside the herb garden and overlooks an artist studio.

Their menu written on a chalkboard at the front counter or there are a couple of display cases the show off the food and baked goods while you wait in line.

I have been to Tweets on three occasions now, but I have only tried two items.  My first meal at Tweets was this-

!!!!!! This is the Torta Rustica- wrapped in puff pastry soppressata, ham, potatoes, red peppers, chevre, munster, provolone with salad and fruit. There is some pesto in there as well.  It was huge! The salad was mixed greens with a lemon garlic dressing with a large helping of grapes, strawberries and melon. So, cheese, salty meats  and potatoes wrapped in dough and baked until crispy and gooey. It is like they went into my brain pulled out the breakfast of my dreams. And it is served with salad so it is good for you!

I have also tried the Fritata- artichokes, roma tomatoes, potatoes, cheese with salad and fruit-

The frittata was delicious as well. As mentioned above, they have their own chickens so the eggs were fresh and mixed with the potatoes and artichokes it was perfect. And again, salad. So healthy.

On one visit there was a delightful bluegrass trio playing:

Tweets really is the brunch spot of my dreams. It is a good thing they are in America because I would be eating that torta every weekend which would be great for my taste buds, but...

There are a few things to know before you go:

1. Tweets is cash or cheque (?!) only. There is an ATM in the pub across the road but they don't open early. The owners are crazy nice and very understanding. Sarah and I didn't have cash on our first visit and were told "Come on in, eat some breakfast and we will work it out after you have had something to eat". I brought a cheque with me the second time we went just for the novelty of it. When is the last time you paid for anything but rent with a cheque?

2. The bathroom door is one of those pocket door things that doesn't lock very well. If you see the door is closed, someone is in there. If it is open it is free. Otherwise it is an interesting way to meet new people.

3.The portions are gigantic! Come with an appetite for great food and wonderful hospitality.

Tweets is one of those places that I want everyone to go to, but not on the days that I go there because I don't want to wait. They are only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The trip there along Chuckant Drive is beautiful, the town is full of great stores and more food and the café offers the best food I have had in a long time. Great Americanos as well.

Go, go now. But take me with you.

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