Thursday, February 16, 2012

India Abroad

India Abroad is a food fair stall in the weirdest food fair that I have been to. Most of the food fairs that I have been to have been attached to a mall. The International Cuisine Food Fair is a stand alone fair tucked into the businesses along Hornby Street, across from the YWCA. And international it is. You can get Greek, Italian, Japanese, East Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Vietnamese and Sandwiches. This trip was for Indian.


There are no Taco Times or A&Ws in this food fair. All of the stalls look to be Mom and Pop type joints. That is a plus in my book. Go up the stairs and it looks like a food fair, albeit a 1987 food fair that could use some updating. Plenty of seating, but it does get really busy.


India Abroad seems to be one of the more popular places in the fair, judging by the size of the lineups. They offer a typical assortment of food fair Indian items, with rotating by day selections. The exception is Butter Chicken, which is always available.

I went with a 2 curry combo. They asked if I wanted naan, I said yes. I realized after that they asked because the combo does not come with naan, it a dollar extra. It comes with a papadum. Still, even with the add on, my lunch was under $10.00.

I chose the mutter paneer and the butter chicken combo, with a side of naan.


I enjoyed the little salad on the side. I am not sure what was in the dressing, but it was tangy and a bit spicy and then a creamy dressing on top of that. Both of the curries were tasty, but not mind blowingly spectacular. The portion sizes were right, but I was disappointed in the one piece of cheese that I got in the paneer.


I made this trip with my ladies who lunch- Adele, Cristina and Andrie. We all ended up getting the same thing, so boring for blog pictures, but we all agreed that lunch was fine and we would most likely go there again. We then all agreed that we preferred our old curry spot, Grounds for Appeal, but it is too far away for us now. India Abroad will fulfill my curry lunch needs, but I will continue to see other curry restaurants.

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  1. The International is the BEST food court. Try the Sandwich place next time. The line is uber long but worth it.

  2. Thanks h k, I am interested in trying some of the other places in there. I find the idea of a food fair without a mall so funny.

  3. Hooray, we got a mention again :-) While reading this review I clicked the link to the Grounds for Appeal review from last year - I liked the photo of me giving it the thumbs up! I shed a little tear at the memories of the taste of their curries - I should go back one flex day, yessss!