Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tomahawk Restaurant

Can you believe that I have lived in Vancouver for 16 years and I have never been to the Tomahawk Restaurant in North Vancouver? I went through the broke years, the vegan years, the no cars years and then finally, thanks to the amazing Sarah, I made it to the legendary Tomahawk.

tomahawk 003

I knew it was the place to be when we pulled up and the Young Porche Owners of Canada were in full force. Isn't that the sign of a good diner- a parking lot full of really expensive cars?

tomahawk 001

Somehow we lucked out and arrived at a perfect time so we didn't have to wait for a table. My first thought, after being quite surprised by the amount of Native art that packs the walls, was that it is smaller than I had expected. I can see why there is a weekend line up. I grabbed my culturally sensitive head wear and we were ready for breakfast.

tomahawk 015

Sarah and Toby go to the Tomahawk on a regular basis, so they knew what they were getting. Sarah swears by the Tomahawk pancakes but she likes to get bacon with her pancakes but they don't offer bacon with the order of pancakes that she likes. She pointed to the section of the menu where they say "no substitutions" and said they really mean it. They won't even entertain the idea of substitutions, the kitchen is too busy. Luckily for her, Toby likes a meal that involves 5 pieces of bacon. Toby being the good guy that he is, they share. How symbiotic.

Two country-fresh eggs fried or scrambled, two large buttermilk pancakes, and two delicious pure pork sausages. Served with creamy whipped butter and all-natural Canadian syrup.

tomahawk 012

Sarah loves these pancakes. She let me have a bite and they were good. Fluffy and light. The syrup is billed as being an all-natural Canadian syrup. I can't verify that but, it did taste really good.

This is it. The one that started the Legend! Five generous slices of Yukon-style bacon. Two country-style eggs served fried or scrambled, a heaping portion of golden-griddled hash brown potatoes, and two thick slices of Klondike toast.

tomahawk 011

Wow. That is a mighty pile of bacon. I am happy they share! I ended up getting the smaller version of Toby's meal so I didn't try any of his. He felt everything was great with his meal.

I was torn between pancakes and hash browns but the potato won out so I went with: SUNRISE SPECIAL
Two country fresh eggs, fried, scrambled or poached, accompanied by a generous portion of griddled hashbrown potatoes and two thick slices of Klondike toast.

tomahawk 010

This breakfast was a win. I was so happy with the hash browns! They were not deep fried and they were seasoned perfectly. The dicing skills of the prep cook should be mentioned here.  Great job.  I don't like runny eggs so I was really pleased with how well cooked they were. My only criticism would be that I like crisper bacon, but it was still tasty.

Tomahawk would be a great place to take a date or someone that you don't know very well because if you run out of things to talk about, you can fill your time with looking at the crazy amount of stuff on the walls and roof or the awesome place mats.

I enjoyed my Tomahawk experience, especially because we didn't have to wait. It was a bit pricier than cheap diner prices, but the food was better too. After all, you can't go wrong with a joint loved by Porche drivers AND Guy Fieri.

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