Monday, October 10, 2011

Eat, Drink & Perch at the ARC Cafe

Eat, Drink & Perch has been on my wish list for as long as I have been back on the drive. Located at the bottom of Commercial Drive, it is one of the closest breakfast joints to my house. It was a lovely Saturday morning when I finally made it down there. I had just finished an early morning exercise class and decided to reward myself with a new breakfast experience. So much better than I had expected.


At first glance, this place is very eclectic. There is a bottom floor with seating for about 15 or so. There is also an upper floor, that I didn't go to, but could see that there is some funky furniture up there. There is an outside patio with a beautiful hanging garden. This is where I should have been spending my summer days!


I went in to grab a seat and saw an old school Super Mario Brothers machine. When I looked closer I saw that someone had left a credit on the machine- sweet! Then I realized that the machine was rigged so that it was always free- FREE SUPER MARIO BROTHERS. Then I realized that this was the place for me when I looked down to the other side of the restaurant and saw FREE TETRIS! I didn't even have to try the food to declare this the best restaurant ever!


I did decide to try to play it cool and order some food before hitting the games. The menu selections were really reasonably priced and I was impressed that the menu had three vegan offerings. I chose to go decidedly non-vegan and get the:
STEAK N GUINNESS CHEDDAR BAKED EGGS- eggs, beans, steak, Guinness cheddar, toast $9.00


So pretty! The steak and Guinness cheddar were on top of a fried egg that was on top of the baked beans. The presentation was not what I was expecting at all, and not in a bad way. I generally am afraid of runny egg yolk, but in this case I mixed it into the beans and that added to the creaminess of the dish. The beans, toast and Guinness cheese made it feel like I was eating a good English breakfast. The steak was really juicy and not tough at all. A definite win.

The dinner menu has some really interesting items on it featuring pizzas that can be made vegan and some gluten free dished. I love Commercial Drive. The website also shows some events they have like "Bengo" on Thursday nights-"Three.fifty cans of Pilsner
Nine Dollar Nachos
Live Bengo with Prizes
I like that "Rap" has it's own line. I can't wait to find out what that means! See you there on Thursday night.

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P.S.  By the time I finished playing Tetris, I had 5th high score.  Oh yeah!

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